Organic Writing Process

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This course is inspired in part by the amazing master classes offered by award winning playwright, Judith Thompson and mostly because every time I see all the amazing talent in the ‘incubator’ of the acting studio, I just want to see it put out into the world, on stage, on screen, on paper.

The goal for participants is to collaborate and create a medley of work.

Each participant will be writing, publicly reading their own work, publicly reading the work of others, improvising, writing some more, casting, directing, getting cast, developing fictional characters and stories by digging into their own true stories and personal experiences.

Creating with impulse and instinct – without thinking and planning.

No ideas are required in advance for this course. However, if any writing or ideas are already in the works,
participants are encouraged to bring them in. We will look at everything.

Through a series of exercises that we’ve been developing in studio, some that we worked on in previous classes, with a few new ones thrown into the mix, each participant will discover the sound of his/her voice and begin developing a unique story.

We will start with lots and lots of ideas and then narrow down to one. Essentially, each participant focuses in
on one particular story through the process of exploration, trial and error, failing, writing, listening, rewriting, etc. The way in which the stories are told will unfold through the experimentation.

There are no limits. You may end up with a feature film, tv pilot, mini-series, web series, short film, play, song, novel, poetry, etc. The thing will reveal itself with time and practice.

Work in a safe, judgment free environment. It’s nothing short of a grand time.

“Acting is writing, writing is acting.” Judith Thompson

Having experienced it myself, I sincerely believe the above statement. Both my writing and acting have gone to a deeper place because I understand now that they are not separate compartments but one in the same.

Participants range from absolute beginners to those who have already dabbled or more in writing, but are feeling the dreaded writer’s block. Regardless of your goals, this course is guaranteed to open up your talent and creativity. When we create, we are the happiest. Whether you’re an actor, artist, writer, musician, chef de cuisine, artist in hiding, etc. – this course will allow your spirit to dance!

Each participant will leave this course with a body of written work, ranging from monologues to short stories, to short screenplays and/or to the start of a novel or feature screenplay.

I’m so excited to have you all join me on this mission to create in 2017!

Sincerest wishes,

Claudia Jurt

DATE: SATURDAYS: March 31-April 21

TIME: 9:00-13:00

COST: $250.00

3 month cost: $200 per month (paid in 2 installments) or $550.00 when paid in full!

REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS: Laptop/Ipad with Word and/or if you prefer, a journal and pen!]

LANGUAGE OF COURSE: ENGLISH, however, the instructor is fluent in Swiss-German, German, Conversational French – students may write in any language they wish.

Optional Recommended Screenwriting Software: Final Draft or CELTX

Payments can be made to:

European Students:

Claudia Jurt
Raiffeisen am Bichelsee,
IBAN #: CH39 8137 8000 0045 5958 4
PC-Konto 85-532-6

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Claudia Jurt is the owner and senior instructor of A.C.T. (Acting for Cinema & Television), a professional acting school that was founded in August 2001 in Canada.

She is a member of both English Canadian actor unions: ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema Television & Radio Artists) and CAEA (Canadian Actors Equity Association).

She has worked on close to 70 productions in film, television, commercials and theatre, as an actor, producer, director, writer or casting director.

Claudia continues to work in various aspects of film and television, not only as acting and writing coach, but as director, writer, producer and actor and previously as talent agent and casting director (Ottawa Casting, Ottawa’s first official casting company).

Some of Claudia’s film credits include, Little Death, Dedspell, Clown (PETER STORMARE), Find Me, House at the End of the Street (JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ELISABETH SHUE), Metal Tornado, The Righteous Tithe, Une Vie Meilleure/A Better Life (GUILLAUME CANET), The Maiden Danced to Death, Dark Places, The Wild Hunt, My Family’s Secret, Like Mother, Like Daughter (MICHELLE STAFFORD), Maid of Honor, etc. Some of her television credits are Strangers in My Home: Thorny Rose of Texas, Reign, The Actor Who Could Not Cry, The Best Laid Plans, The Cold War Series, Hockey: A People’s History and Naked Josh.

Claudia trained as an actor and teacher with Michèle Lonsdale Smith of Lonsdale Smith Studios for over 13 years in cities all over the world, including, L.A., New York, London, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Kingston/Montego Bay (Jamaica) and Ottawa. A few years ago, She had the honor of working on Fat Pig by Neil LaBute with Michèle at the helm, as director.

She proudly attributes her growth and success to Michèle, her longtime friend and mentor, and is thrilled to be collaborating and teaching under the umbrella of Lonsdale Smith Studios.  Under Michèle’s mentorship, Claudia directed Mrs. Dally Has a Lover, a successful stage production the ACT Studio and most recently, the short film, The Woman Outside. (written & directed by Claudia Jurt and produced with the talented actors from Lonsdale Smith Studios)

Claudia is currently developing two feature screenplays, EDITH (a psychological horror thriller) and VERBOTEN (drama).

“… special mention must be made of Claudia Jurt, whose character is the strongest link in this chain-mail tale. She plays Tamara, referee and conduit between worlds. Dressed in tunic and corset, but with a walkie-talkie clipped to her hip, she is the window through which we can view the increasingly bizarre drama that plays out in the wilderness, and a sane point of reference, lest we be pulled into its madness.”

Chris Knight, THE NATIONAL POST (Review of ‘The Wild Hunt’)

COURSE LOCATION: online (anywhere in the world)!