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1.  Where are you located?

All A.C.T. and LSS Ottawa classes are currently held at A.C.T’s new and permanent location on 94B Montreal Rd., Ottawa, Ontario, K1L 6E6 (behind Lorenzo’s Pizza, Palace St. entrance)

2. Can I show up any time to register or pick up information?

We are not at the school unless there is a class or workshop in progress.  Please call to book an appointment for in-person registration: 613.255.4796


3. Where can I find parking?

Parking is available on the streets surrounding the school.  There are two parking spots in the school’s driveway.  One is reserved for staff and the other can be used by the first student who arrives.  Also, there is one spot (closest to the building) available in the middle of the driveway after 5pm on weekdays and on weekends.

4. What does it mean to AUDIT a class?

Auditing means that you simply sit in the room and watch the work. Half of what you learn is from watching!  In order to apply to audit a class, please send a current photo of yourself (does not have to be professional) and answers to 1. Why do you like to act?  2. Why do you want to study in this studio? to actottawa@rogers.com  – once you are accepted to audit, you are welcome to attend any of the 8-week classes.  The cost to audit is usually $20.00 per class or $35.00 for a double day.

5. How can I register for a course?

To register for a course online, you can either email your name, age, email, phone number and the course that you are interested in to actottawa@rogers.com or click Register, which appears at the bottom of any course description.  Fill out the form online and click submit.  We will receive the registration electronically.  You then have 7 days to mail in your deposit and/or payment.  If, after 7 days your deposit and/or payment is not received, your spot in the class will no longer be reserved.  You can also mail in your deposit/payment to A.C.T. Studio 94B Montreal Rd. Ottawa, Ontario K1L 6E6, in person or via INTERAC Email money transfer to actottawa@rogers.com

6. Where can I drop off my registration?

Registrations can be dropped off in the mailbox or by appointment at A.C.T. 94B Montreal Rd. Ottawa, Ontario, K1L 6E6


7.  Do you accept VISA or Mastercard?

At this time, we do not accept any credit cards.  The methods of payment that we do accept are: Cheque(s), Money Order(s), INTERAC Email Money Transfers or Cash. If you wish to pay by credit card, you may do so via PayPal (additional charges apply)


8.  How much do the courses cost?

The cost of a course depends on which course that you wish to take.  For details, you can go the CLASSES AT A GLANCE on the A.C.T. website or you can contact A.C.T. at actottawa@rogers.com / 613.255.4796


9.  Do you offer Scholarships?

Every so often, we do hand out bursaries or scholarships.


10.  How can I apply for a Scholarship?

Sometimes, we give out partial or full Scholarships to people in financial need.  Send a letter of intent to A.C.T.

11. If I take these classes, will I become a star?

No reputable acting school will ever tell someone that they will become a star. A.C.T. trains people to become working actors.  There are no guarantees.  If you attend a computer program at a University, it does not mean that you will instantly get a job when finished.  Acting takes a lot of hard work and perseverance and the ability to take rejection.  If you love acting, you will work hard at it.  If you love money, it’s probably best to do something else.


12.  When I start acting, how much money will I make?

Some Canadian actors make over $200,000.00/year, other Canadian actors make $0.00/year.  The average Canadian actor makes about $10,000.00/year.
If you’re in it for the money, you’re in the wrong business.

13.  How can I get an agent?

That is something we cover in great detail in our introductory acting classes (Getting Started in Film & TV, Little Professionals, Young & Teen Professionals & Adult Professionals).


14.  I signed up for a class, but it was full.  What can I do?

You can ask to be put on a waiting list (sometimes people cancel) or you can reserve a spot for the next session.

15. How can I reserve a spot in a class?

To officially reserve a spot, you must send in a deposit of $100.00 (non-refundable unless you are not accepted into the class) for introductory classes and $150.00 for LSS classes, that will go towards the full amount of the course.


16.  Do you offer family discounts?

Yes!  If two or more immediate family members attend a session we will give a family discount.  Please call 613.255.4796 for details.  You do not have to attend the same class in order to get a discount, just the same session.


17.  Do you give refunds?

Once you have registered for a course and paid for it, we can only give refunds up to two weeks prior to the start of a course.  (The $100.00 deposit is not refundable)  Once your spot is paid for, we cannot give it to someone else who may have wanted it.


18.  I don’t want to be an actor – can I still take your courses?

Absolutely!  We have had a number of students that simply wanted to gain more confidence, meet new people, work on their presentation skills or get away from the office to try something new.  One thing that we do guarantee is that you will have FUN!


19.  I’m really shy, is there a course for me?

Of course there is.  A lot of our new students are nervous and shy at first.  We don’t put any pressure on you if you’re not ready.  Everything is done in baby steps.  First, we try to get everyone comfortable with group exercises and then we advance at the pace of each individual.  Check out Young & Teen Professionals or Adult Professionals.


20.  I have a lot of experience and training already, what course can I take to sharpen my skills?

Advanced Acting for the Camera is an eight-week course in which you can keep your talent honed by working on a variety of scenes. This course gives actors an opportunity to explore their craft, to better prepare for auditions and actual work on the set. Participating actors are encouraged to bring sides for upcoming auditions to class.  We also offer specialty weekend workshops that are taught by Ottawa, Montreal & Toronto Casting Directors and/or Directors.


21.  Do I have to audition to get in to a class?

We usually don’t ask our students to audition because no previous experience is required for the introductory classes and the intermediate/advanced classes have very specific prerequisites.  If you really want to take one of our intermediate or advanced classes prior to the introductory classes, you must audit two LSS classes first in order to be eligible for application.

22.  What is the difference between ‘Adult Professionals A’ and ‘Adult Professionals B’?

The only difference is that each class is held on a different day. The curriculum is exactly the same in both classes.  The classes are often held on two different nights or days because it is one of our most popular class and sells out very quickly.

23.  What are the necessary prerequisites to get into the classes?

There are no prerequisites for the introductory classes such as Getting Started in Film & TV, Adult Professionals or Young & Teen Professionals.  However, in order to study in the LSS classes, new students are required to audit at least two current LSS classes in order to be eligible for participation.

24.  Do you offer payment plans?

Yes.  You are not required to pay the full amount at time of registration.  Each course offers a payment plan that allows you to pay in installments.


25.  Do you offer discounts for Union members?

Yes.  If you are a member of ACTRA, CAEA, SAG or UDA, there is a discounted rate on our specialty workshops.

26. What makes your school unique?

We have been operating as Ottawa’s only year-round screen training school for close to 12 years.  Many of our students have gone on to work in major film & television productions.  All of our instructors are professionals who are currently working in the film & television industry: Actors, Directors, Casting Directors.  We are known to mentor our students in their growth as actors and professionals.



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