“Achievement is talent plus preparation.” Malcolm Gladwell


Our son Bobby really wanted to act for television and film but we didnʼt know how to guide him in this direction. We were referred to A.C.T. to give him the tools he would need to confidently approach the audition process – allowing for a more positive experience.
We were introduced to Claudia in the first class and this really proved to be the right direction to have taken! The A.C.T. teachers bring with them both experience, knowledge and a passion for this profession that they are able to effectively pass on to their students.
They definitely gave our son the skills he needed to confidently navigate through the audition process feeling comfortable while performing. Classes were fun, energetic and have encouraged Bobby to continue to develop as an actor. Thank you for everything and we will be back!

~ Bill & Beth Osborne


 I didnʼt know anything before I went to A.C.T. and they are a big part why have been in the movies that I am in today. A.C.T. is a fun program for kids that donʼt know a lot about acting. We played fun games that taught us how to act. Thank You Claudia !!

~Bobby Osborne


ACT had a significant impact on our daughter. When she started at ACT, we noticed that her level of confidence and self-esteem increased. We honestly thought she was taking an amateur acting class, the type of class you can find for your kids. We were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and quality of the teachers. Marie-Noé had successful auditions thanks to the training at ACT. The first time she was on a set, it was obvious that she had taken classes: she was acting professionally like the other experienced children. Under the advice of Claudia,  we were able to find an agent that will support our daughter. The film industry is now so much clearer through the lens of ACT.

~Julie Théberge, parent

“Emily has been a student at ACT for a year and a half and has participated in workshops, classes, moviemaker camps and private coaching.   She has absolutely loved working with ACT.  The experience and instruction she has received from ACT’s amazing coaches, especially Claudia Jurt, has been invaluable!   Since becoming involved with the studio, Emily has booked principal roles in “The Wife He Met Online” and “Clown” (which is presently filming), she has been signed by an amazing Agency, ART Agency, and is a member of ACTRA.   We are extremely grateful to Claudia and her staff for cultivating Emily’s talents and encouraging her along the way!
We would HIGHLY recommend the ACT Studio for any aspiring and active actors!”

~Emily Burley – Parents: Chuck & Christina Burley


When I first started studying at A.C.T. I was so scared I couldn’t even speak in front of the class. After overcoming my fear, I decided to take the intensive class. I instantly felt at home. There was more than just acting going on in these classes. I watched people grow, face themselves and live in front of me. I have now been studying for almost three years and have been fortunate enough to become a full ACTRA member and have had the chance to work with Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Keaton and Michelle Monaghan. These things wouldn’t have been possible without A.C.T.
I keep coming back to study because I love the process and because it makes me grow as an artist. Finally A.C.T. has taught me to be an artist first and an actor second.

~Olivier Surprenant


In Claudia, the Ottawa acting community has someone who is composed of dedication, integrity, and humility. Few are aware of the good fortune they benefit from in having her as part of our community. For more than a decade she has been refining her craft as a coach, instructor and teacher. The insight she imparts to others is the direct result of intensely looking into herself and asking difficult questions, looking at those ugly parts of herself, and ultimately admitting…there’s nothing ugly in honesty – there’s only humanity. It’s with that lack of ego that she comes to the classroom every night. And in that room, she provides an open, supportive, demanding, and intense atmosphere that challenges the seasoned actor, opens the eyes of the inexperienced, and unsettles the complacent. That’s a place any actor should want to hang out. And thanks to Claudia and her efforts, we’re lucky enough to have such a place here in Ottawa at ACT.”

~ Corry Burke 


I have tremendous respect for Claudia. She is a tough teacher who demands a lot from her students, but over the course of two years I’ve watched her transform many people’s lives for the better; mine included. She is tirelessly committed to helping actors find their true selves and Ottawa is extremely lucky to have her. It takes courage to be in Claudia’s room, but I highly recommend experiencing it first hand.

~ Thomas Jardine 


“Claudia is a fierce and loyal friend. She’s also the reason I continue to study. Her guidance and sharp honesty open endless possibilities to character study and play. The room is where it’s at.

~Krista Morin