Claudia Jurt is the owner and senior instructor of A.C.T. (Acting for Cinema & Television), a professional acting school that was founded in August 2001. She continues to work in various aspects of film and television, not only as acting coach, but as director, producer and actor and previously as talent agent and casting director (Ottawa Casting, Ottawa’s first official casting company). Some of Claudia’s film credits include, Little Death, Dedspell, Clown, Find Me, House at the End of the Street, Metal Tornado, The Righteous Tithe, Une Vie Meilleure, The Maiden Danced to Death, Dark Places, The Wild Hunt, My Family’s Secret, Like Mother, Like Daughter, Maid of Honor, etc. Some of her television credits are Strangers in My Home: Thorny Rose of Texas, Reign, The Actor Who Could Not Cry, The Best Laid Plans, The Cold War Series,
Hockey: A People’s History
and Naked Josh.
Claudia trained as an actor and teacher with Michèle Lonsdale Smith of Lonsdale Smith Studios for over 13 years in cities
all over the world, including, L.A., New York, London, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. A few years ago, She had the honor of working on Fat Pig by Neil LaBute with Michèle at the helm, as director.
She proudly attributes her growth and success to Michèle, her longtime friend and mentor, and is thrilled to be collaborating and teaching under the umbrella of Lonsdale Smith Studios.  Under Michèle’s mentorship, Claudia directed Mrs. Dally Has a Lover, a successful stage production the ACT Studio and most recently, the short film, The Woman Outside. (written & directed by Claudia Jurt and produced with the talented actors from Lonsdale Smith Studios)
Claudia is currently located in Switzerland, working on hiking, writing and thrilled to collaborate with Swiss actors and filmmakers alike!
If you wish to receive acting or writing coaching in Switzerland, please book with Claudia directly at
One-on-One private coaching is 125CHF (90 min.) – payments can be sent to: Claudia Jurt, Raiffeisen am Bichelsee, IBAN #: CH39 8137 8000 0045 5958 4
Wenn Sie schauspielerisch oder schriftlich Coaching in der Schweiz oder Deutschland erhalten möchten, buchen Sie bitte bei Claudia direkt unter – Ein Einzelunterricht ist 125chf (90 min.) – Zahlungen können an folgende Adresse geschickt werden: Claudia Jurt, Raiffeisen am Bichelsee, IBAN #: CH39 8137 8000 0045 5958 4



Corry Burke has been working in the film, television, and theatre industry for over 15 years.

With a varied formal background and a desire to help others achieve, he has been a guest instructor with ACT Ottawa for a number of years.

Having worked alongside well-known and well-respected talent, he brings the benefits of those experiences to the classroom.

In addition, his work over the past eight years with the ever evolving Lonsdale Smith Studios (, ensures a connection and continuity with an equation that will benefit any level of actor.

In his own pursuit of the art he continues to work towards egoless, effortless, and truthful storytelling

Corry’s IMDB page







Krista Morin has been acting for over a decade. Within that time she has studied, and continues to, with Claudia Jurt and Michèle Lonsdale Smith. Throughout her travels Krista has been exposed to variousacting techniques and all walks of life. Krista is the current 3 time Toronto Monologue Champion. Favorite film & television & stage credits include Decoys, Shockwave & Saturday Night Live (Hollywood). Working  with children has become an integral part of keeping one’s imagination alive.





Born and raised in Australia, Aphra studied theatre at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. At the age of 21, she set off to travel the world but only made it as far as Canada, where she fell in love and began studying with Claudia Jurt and Michèle Lonsdale Smith.
Studying with Claudia and Michèle has helped Aphra learn the skills and techniques required to support her talent and the courage to lean into the fear.

“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be”
– George Sheehan

“To dream anything that you want to dream. That’s the beauty of the human mind. To do anything you want to do. That is the strength of the human will.To trust yourself to test your limits. That is courage to succeed.” – Bernard Edmonds

Some of Aphra’s favourite credits include: Moments (Award for ‘Best Actor’/2011 Digi60 Film Festival), Cure, Charlottes Web, etc.

Coming up, Aphra will be starring in the feature film ‘Murder Night by Danger Cave Media.

Aphra is very excited to share her love of acting with the students at A.C.T.!