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INSIDE OUT STUDIO, 1416 Wellington St. West

JULY 8-SEPTEMBER 2 – a) 5pm-6pm b) 6pm-7pm c) 7pm-8pm c) 8pm-9pm **

JULY 9-SEPTEMBER 3 – a) 8pm-9pm **

** it may be possible to book sessions outside of these dates, please send your request by email

1-2 hours: $100.00/hr.

2-4 hours: $85.00/hr.

5-7 hours: $75.00/hr.

8-10hours: $60.00/hr.

The one-on-one private coaching program is custom designed for each individual student. The first meeting will establish what the specifics of the coaching will entail.

Areas that we can work on:

  • Audition Technique & Preparation
  • Scene Breakdown
  • Business (head shots, resumes, agents, self-promotion)
  • Creating your own work
  • Breathing and Presence
  • Goal setting
  • Writing
  • Monologues
  • Camera vs. Stage

When applying for private coaching, please indicate what areas you wish to improve on and/or learn about.

No preparation is required prior to the start of the first class. Do come with a journal, pen, water, snacks and dress comfortably!

To register, please send a deposit of $100 or full payment to

and follow with an email that confirms your interest in studying. (Include your name, address, phone, age)

Space is limited.

Instructor: Claudia Jurt

We cannot wait to meet you!


“Indie feature film (extremely dark comedy/experimental film) needs actors for a MIP production taking place over two and half weeks in Montreal.

1 lead female role, 20s – 40
1 lead female non-speaking role, 20s – 30s
2 supporting female roles 20s – 40

3 supporting male roles 30s – 50s

for more information, character breakdowns and/or script please contact David Hall,

also needed: location sound recordist and make-up artist

production company: Handshake, Inc.”

-David Hall

David Hall
Handshake Inc
Mutants of the Monster
226 984 7262


Warner Bros Peter Pan remake “Pan” casting lead role of Peter! – Open auditions and online submissions!!

Director Joe Wright’s Upcoming Feature Film “Pan” is Searching for the Starring Role of “Peter”

Previous Joe Wright films include: Pride & Prejudice, Hanna, Atonement, Anna Karenina

Peter is a courageous & adventurous orphaned boy living in a world of fantasy and dreams, which sometimes leads him into trouble

Open to boys only
Open to all ethnicities
Age Range: 11 – 13 years
Height Limit: MAXIMUM 5ft 4inches

All auditionees must be available for the production period in London from April til early Autumn 2014

Warner bros has a new project coming up, “Pan“. The Warner Bros movie is holding open auditions for boys who are 11 to 13 of any ethnicity for lead roles in the movie.

Hugh Jackman is set to play Blackbeard in the remake of “Peter Pan” and the film will be directed by Oscar-nominated, Joe Wright (Atonement). The movie will film in the UK and all auditioning should be available for filming in London in the summer and fall of 2014. The film is being written by J.M. Barrie and Jason Fuchs.

The summer of 2015 will be a big one for Warner Bros who has 4 films set to be released summer 2015. Other movies Warner Bros is working on for the 2015 summer are “Mad Max: Fury Road”, “San Andreas”, and the currently untitled Batman-Superman movie. Variety reports that ‘Pan” will be filmed in 3D.

We know that Peter, Hook and Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard the pirate will be apart of “Pan“, however, the full story line is still a bit of a mystery. The story is supposed to be original, based on the beloved characters of the classic Peter Pan. In “Pan”, Blackbeard and not hook is to be the tale’s villain and this remake’s events will most likely take place prior to the story of Peter Pan that we are familiar with.

Open auditions will be held on February 23rd

Seeking: Boys 11 to 13, any ethnicity – They are only holding a casting call for kids and only for boys.
Wembley Arena, London, HA9 0AA

The role of Peter:

Peter is a courageous & adventurous orphaned boy living in a world of fantasy and dreams, which sometimes leads him into trouble
All auditionees must be available for the production period in London from April til early Autumn 2014

Those coming to audition will be allowed to line up after 9 AM, Auditions begin at 10 AM and anyone arriving after 11 AM will not be allowed to audition for the roles. All children must come with a parent in order to be allowed into the auditions and all kids must be at least 5’4″ in height.

The films producers and casting directors will not allow any overnight camping at the arena and only 1 parent or guardian will be allowed into the auditions to accompany the child who is coming to the casting call. All other guests will not be allowed inside.

The film is currently in pre-production, it will begin filming later this year and is due out in theaters in the summer of 2015.

Those that would like to audition but do not live in London can audition online through the films website.

Those interested in other roles or roles as background extras for “Pan” will need to wait a bit as those casting calls will get released when the movie goes into production this summer.

Break a Leg!

Email if you would like us to coach, shoot, edit and upload your audition!

If you need help with audition coaching, taping, editing & uploading, please email to book your appointment ~ we can help you make your self-tape at the ACT Studio – break a leg!

We have limited time slots available so please be specific about your availability for Friday: 11-4 or 11pm, Saturday, 4-9 and Sunday 8pm. We will then send you some options to pick from.

Fees: Coaching/Directing/Reader – $60.00/hr
Filming/Editing/Uploading – $50.00 flat

Total: $110.00 + HST


$75.00 + HST if you don’t want coaching but do want a reader and camera op/editor

Please ensure that your lines are perfectly memorized and you bring audition appropriate clothing

Location: ACT Studio, 94B Montreal Rd.

Break a leg everyone!

Parktown Logo RGB Transparency

Project Title: Security Awareness Video

This project is non-union and all roles are PAID. Bilingualism (English, French) will be an asset.

Union: Non-Union ONLY
Area of Media: Corporate
Production Company: Parktown Studios
Director: Nick Lacelle
Producer: Richard Towns
Production City: Ottawa & surrounding areas
Audition Location: Ottawa, ON – Location: TBD
City(s) for Transmission: Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal
Deadline for Submissions: February 8th, 2014
Requirements: Email headshots and resumes to with “Security Awareness Video” in the subject line. Note that only those selected to audition will be contacted. NO phone calls.
Auditions: February 10th, 2014
Shooting Starts: Mid-late February 2014
Shooting Ends: Early March 2014


Laura – A strong, professional woman married to an ambassador. Female – Age 45-55

Robert – An Ambassador living abroad. Well spoken and well presented. Male – Age 50-60

Police Officer – Strong sense of authority, speaks with an accent (eastern European) – Male / Female – Age 35-45

Trade Officer – Well dressed, motivated businessperson. Male / Female – Age 30-45

Guest – An Asian businessman, well dressed and well spoken. Male – Age 40-55

Clerk – An African clerk working at front desk of Embassy. Male – Age 25-35

Embassy employee – A positive, motivated woman living abroad. Female – Age 30-45

Third Canadian Officer – Well dressed, motivated businessperson. Male / Female – Age 30-45

Ambassador – A strong, authoritative woman. Female – Age 50-60

Assistant – A young assistant to the ambassador. Male – Age 30-35

Doctor – A doctor working at an African hospital. Male – Age 40-50

Radio Announcer – A news-radio personality. Male / Female

Woman – A businesswoman preparing to go to work. Female – Age 30-40

Email headshots and resume to with “Security Awareness Video” in the subject line. Note that only those selected to audition will be contacted. NO phone calls.


Hello all. MMC is casting a non-union Commercial. Shoots one day in MONTREAL, auditions in Montreal.

400$ for the performer. Date of shoot is tentatively March 25th.

CAUCASIAN TALENT ONLY, ENGLISH SPEAKING ONLY, no French or other accents! Remaining details below.

Casting director: Mike Migliara
Director: Derek Dugas

Audition dates: March 18th, 2013 – 1pm-5pm
Audition location: IN MONTREAL – LOCATION TBC.

Shooting: SHOOTS IN MONTREAL. Tentatively March 25th, 2013.

Rates: 400$/day. 1 day only for now. For Ottawa Talent: prod. will provide min. transport fee (bus ticket, gas).

The JFK centre of education has re-opened its doors and is very excited to enrol new students. We are looking for an ENGLISH SPEAKING male or female actor, with NO FRENCH ACCENT, between 20 to 30 years of age to play the role of a student. They must be Caucasian and have an attractive personality. The performance should be very enthusiastic and should feel like the student is speaking directly to their best friend. The actors must be off book for the audition.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR HEADSHOTS OR PHOTO AND RESUME TO : with subject heading “ONLINE SUBMISSION – JFK”. It is important to write that or your email may be disregarded. ACTING EXPERIENCE IS AN ASSET BUT NOT NECESSARY!

Mike Migliara
Casting Director