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The Accent Intensive with Kate Hurman

The Accent Intensive with Kate Hurman

This intensive is great if you don’t wish to find yourself scrambling to get an accent ‘intact’ for an audition you have the following day! Get yourself prepared now so that you’ll be ready, with your accent/dialect dropped in so much
so that casting will believe you are actually from that place.

You may understand the character’s background, and how they move through their world,
but if your accent is off, so is the performance. Using established techniques in a unique fashion
this weekend intensive will allow actors, and students of acting to develop a clear understanding
of the steps involved in accent acquisition.

Accent is not a question of simply copying sound but rather of developing an understanding of shape and culture. Addressing issues of vocal drift, placement, rhythm and pace, the workshop participants will be actively engaged in identifying their own accent of origin, along with a focus on RP (Received Pronunciation or Upper Class British), a working class British accent, Standard General Australian, and Standard General American.

“I’ve worked with Kate on both a Newfoundland and an Aboriginal dialect. In just a few hours, I felt transformed. People even told me I looked different. The taking on of a character is an amazing process and Kate knows how to move it along swiftly – it’s truly incredible. A few days post-coaching, I found the accent slipping out in my regular conversation, even when I wasn’t ‘working’ on it. Love, love, love working with Kate! That is all.”  Claudia Jurt

About Kate Hurman

A graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada and Queen’s University, Kate has worked
extensively across Canada in theatre, radio, television and film as an actor, a director, a voice artist,
a dramaturge and a writer for the past thirty years.

Kate has worked as an accent and dialect coach on multiple stage productions at the National Arts Centre, the University of Ottawa, and OSSD among others, on film sets for principle actors and for private clients. Kate’s voice can be heard on several cartoon series and many national commercial campaigns. Kate is also an arts educator working as a guest lecturer, a workshop facilitator, and a resident Artist in Elementary Schools and High Schools and as a Professor of Acting at the University of Ottawa, and the resident Voice, Speech and Classical Theatre Professor at St. Lawrence College.

Her company MakeWork Theatre works to develop new works for the stage and learning opportunities through the arts for all ages.

Dates/Times: Friday, December 11, 5:30pm-10:00pm & Saturday, December 12, 10:30am-5:30pm

Location: Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave., CAO Boardroom

Cost: $225.00

Early Bird Rate: $200.00 (pay in full by Nov. 26)

To apply, please email your name, contact info, photo & resume (if you have one) & interac e-transfer to