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Real Estate Publicity Shoot – PAID!

Project: Real Estate Publicity

Production Company: Telescope Films / Katerine Martineau

Union: Non-Union

Shooting Location: Ottawa/Gatineau

Shoot days(s): May 26 (full day), May 27 (half day)

Transportation and accommodations not included

Fee: $350.00

Role: Male, Age 45-55, Any Ethnicity – for real estate company publicity shoot

Interested applicants, please email your current photos (head shot, body shot), measurements and contact info to – only selected candidates will be contacted – thank you!

Best wishes,

Claudia Jurt

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Auditions for Lead role for new James Franco Film “The Fixer”

A new movie called “The Fixer” starring James Franco is looking to cast the lead role and is having open auditions for actors in the San Francisco Bay Area. Producers are hoping to find an actor who can portray a 28 year old Afghan journalist.

The Indie film is seeking the next break out star and he must be Afghan. “The Fixer” stars James Franco and will be directed by Ian Olds and written by Olds and Paul Felton. The film is inspired by individuals called “fixers” who are hired by international journalists when they are in other countries to help them with translations and other arrangements that need to be made for the journalist abroad. Olds has already directed a documentary entitled “Fixer: The Taking of Ajmal Naqshbandi,” a few years back which won an award at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The movie tells the story of a ex war journalist who, after being exiled from Afghanistan finds himself the U.S and in the Bay Area. He takes a job for a small town newspaper reporting on petty crime. He becomes entangled in a larger story and gets pulled into a conflicting situation as part of his new, not so great, job.

James Franco gets the other lead role as Lindsay — an unstable craftsman. IMDB also reports that Melissa Leo will join Franco in this film.

James Franco New Movie

The film is casting the lead role of Osman: The films lead and the journalist at the center of the story.

An open casting call will be held at 39155 Liberty St in Fremont, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 16

If you are not sure where Fremont is, you can check this google maps link to get the location.

To make the film as authentic as possible, producers have decided to cast an Afghan in the lead role and are giving anyone that shows up to the open auditions a shot at this.

The film will begin production this summer in the Bay Area and also plans to do some filming in Morocco which would be the set for the Afghanistan scenes.

Producers expect to start production in July in Northern California, where 90% of the script takes place. “The Fixer” may also shoot in Morocco, which would stand in for Afghanistan.

If attending the auditions, you must bring a head shot and a resume to hand over to the film’s casting directors. You also must be an Afghan or Afghan-American to be considered for the films principal role. Producers are warning that there may be some wait time in line and the wait will depend on the turnout. Also, the film’s producers have stated that no experience as an actor is necessary, but I’m sure it can be helpful.

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Warner Bros Peter Pan remake “Pan” casting lead role of Peter! – Open auditions and online submissions –

Warner Bros Peter Pan remake “Pan” casting lead role of Peter! – Open auditions and online submissions!!

Director Joe Wright’s Upcoming Feature Film “Pan” is Searching for the Starring Role of “Peter”

Previous Joe Wright films include: Pride & Prejudice, Hanna, Atonement, Anna Karenina

Peter is a courageous & adventurous orphaned boy living in a world of fantasy and dreams, which sometimes leads him into trouble

Open to boys only
Open to all ethnicities
Age Range: 11 – 13 years
Height Limit: MAXIMUM 5ft 4inches

All auditionees must be available for the production period in London from April til early Autumn 2014

Warner bros has a new project coming up, “Pan“. The Warner Bros movie is holding open auditions for boys who are 11 to 13 of any ethnicity for lead roles in the movie.

Hugh Jackman is set to play Blackbeard in the remake of “Peter Pan” and the film will be directed by Oscar-nominated, Joe Wright (Atonement). The movie will film in the UK and all auditioning should be available for filming in London in the summer and fall of 2014. The film is being written by J.M. Barrie and Jason Fuchs.

The summer of 2015 will be a big one for Warner Bros who has 4 films set to be released summer 2015. Other movies Warner Bros is working on for the 2015 summer are “Mad Max: Fury Road”, “San Andreas”, and the currently untitled Batman-Superman movie. Variety reports that ‘Pan” will be filmed in 3D.

We know that Peter, Hook and Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard the pirate will be apart of “Pan“, however, the full story line is still a bit of a mystery. The story is supposed to be original, based on the beloved characters of the classic Peter Pan. In “Pan”, Blackbeard and not hook is to be the tale’s villain and this remake’s events will most likely take place prior to the story of Peter Pan that we are familiar with.

Open auditions will be held on February 23rd

Seeking: Boys 11 to 13, any ethnicity – They are only holding a casting call for kids and only for boys.
Wembley Arena, London, HA9 0AA

The role of Peter:

Peter is a courageous & adventurous orphaned boy living in a world of fantasy and dreams, which sometimes leads him into trouble
All auditionees must be available for the production period in London from April til early Autumn 2014

Those coming to audition will be allowed to line up after 9 AM, Auditions begin at 10 AM and anyone arriving after 11 AM will not be allowed to audition for the roles. All children must come with a parent in order to be allowed into the auditions and all kids must be at least 5’4″ in height.

The films producers and casting directors will not allow any overnight camping at the arena and only 1 parent or guardian will be allowed into the auditions to accompany the child who is coming to the casting call. All other guests will not be allowed inside.

The film is currently in pre-production, it will begin filming later this year and is due out in theaters in the summer of 2015.

Those that would like to audition but do not live in London can audition online through the films website.

Those interested in other roles or roles as background extras for “Pan” will need to wait a bit as those casting calls will get released when the movie goes into production this summer.

Break a Leg!

Email if you would like us to coach, shoot, edit and upload your audition!

If you need help with audition coaching, taping, editing & uploading, please email to book your appointment ~ we can help you make your self-tape at the ACT Studio – break a leg!

We have limited time slots available so please be specific about your availability for Friday: 11-4 or 11pm, Saturday, 4-9 and Sunday 8pm. We will then send you some options to pick from.

Fees: Coaching/Directing/Reader – $60.00/hr
Filming/Editing/Uploading – $50.00 flat

Total: $110.00 + HST


$75.00 + HST if you don’t want coaching but do want a reader and camera op/editor

Please ensure that your lines are perfectly memorized and you bring audition appropriate clothing

Location: ACT Studio, 94B Montreal Rd.

Break a leg everyone!

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Do the work on camera!

OTTAWA: MONDAYS ~ March 10-31, 2014 7pm-10pm
TORONTO: WEDNESDAYS ~ March 5-26, 2014 7pm-10pm

Each class will commence with RELAXATION and SENSORY, PRIVATE MOMENT and/or ANIMAL EXERCISE.

Work on scenes from other classes on-camera — something you’ve written yourself, a brand new
assigned scene or sides for an upcoming audition.

Practice GOING on ACTION.

MAKE dangerous CHOICES.

HAVE fun in the ROOM.

BRING yourself. Every time.

oh and…

WATCH your WORK. Constructively CRITIQUE yourself.

ACT Studio, 94B Montreal Rd. Ottawa, ON (behind Lorenzo’s Pizza, Palace St. Entrance)
Milestone Casting, 401 Logan Ave., Toronto ON

Space is Limited.

Cost: $222.00 (incl. HST)

Instructor: Claudia Jurt

Claudia Jurt is the owner and senior instructor of A.C.T. (Acting for Cinema & Television), a professional acting school that was founded in August 2001. Classes operate in both Ottawa and Toronto. She continues to work in various aspects of film and television, not only as acting coach, but as director, producer and actor and previously as talent agent and casting director (Ottawa Casting, Ottawa’s original casting company). Some of Claudia’s Television credits include, Reign, Clown, Find Me, House at the End of the Street, Metal Tornado, The Righteous Tithe, Une Vie Meilleure, The Maiden Danced to Death, Dark Places, The Wild Hunt, My Family’s Secret, Like Mother, Like Daughter, Maid of Honor, The Cold War Series, Hockey: A People’s History and Naked Josh.
Claudia trained as an actor and teacher with Michèle Lonsdale Smith for close to 10 years in cities
all over the world, including, L.A., New York, London, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. A few years ago, She had the honor of working on Fat Pig by Neil LaBute with Michèle at the helm, as director.
She proudly attributes her growth and success to Michèle, her longtime friend and mentor, and is thrilled to be collaborating and teaching under the umbrella of Lonsdale Smith Studios.

In an effort to get back to her roots (she’s originally from Switzerland), Claudia is making a trip to Berlin & Zurich to seek out locations to teach acting intensives. Email us and get on the list!

Also, she is developing a couple of feature film ideas that she intends to write, produce and direct.

Lots to do and so much fun!

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Casting very strong singers, dancers and actors
K POP HIGH is a mash up of Glee and the Korean Pop aesthetic, set in a boarding school with a performing arts program. The series follows three girls who don’t know each other upon their arrival at school but discover that they all share a sensibility for the K POP vibe.


SUN HI, Female, 16yrs
Killer singer! Sun Hi is funky and free-spirited. She’s a dreamer and has huge life aspirations. She wants to be a pop star, she wants to fall in love, and she wants to star in movies… she wants, and wants, and wants! As a performer, Sun Hi is creative and open-minded. She’s always wiling to try new things in her songs, choreography and staging. We love her because her energy is high and because she is willing to take risks to follow her dream. We laugh with her because her ambition is often misguided and gets her into trouble.

JODI, Female, 15yrs
Jodi was brought up in New York. She is loud and proud. Jodi is the fashionista of the group. She will keep her crew on the cutting edge of hip. Jodi can sing and dance, but her training is minimal. It’s all street informed. Hip Hop dance moves and Rap music are areas she’s comfortable in.

CORKI, Female, 16yrs
Corki is the wealthy only child to a Korean business tycoon. Corki is familiar with boarding schools as she has spent her life in them. Corki is a little aloof. Her comedy comes from her super rich upbringing. We love her because she really is innocent about how the rest of the world lives. Corki is under constant pressure from her father to do well in school. Her father sees K POP as frivolous, unlike ballet and the violin, in which his daughter has trained and excelled. Her classical ballet training will become an emotional counterpoint in her stories as she fuses ballet with Jodi’s Hip Hop style. Corki sings well and rocks the violin, once she loosens up (NOTE: ability to play violin is not required).

CALEB, Male, 15yrs
A dancer and singer, Caleb is obsessed with K POP culture. He knows every band, every song, every star. He believes it to be the next big cultural thing and wants to be part of it. Caleb often has a difficult time concentrating. He was sent to boarding school because he was falling behind in his town school. In reality, Caleb’s trouble paying attention comes from his high intellect. Caleb is a genius. He’s a brilliant songwriter/producer. Caleb thinks faster than others, but he can get so far ahead of himself that he often forgets where he is going.

Details & Submission Information
Production Company: DHX Media Ltd.
Executive Producer/Creator: Tommy Lynch and Nick Cannon
Executive Producer: Steven DeNure
Producer: Tracey Jardine
Director: TBD

The current episode order is for 20 eps

Outside Shoot Dates: July – October, 2014. After the shooting schedule, it is possible that talent may go on tour.
Shoot Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

**If represented by an agent, please allow agent to submit** Due to the large number of respondents, we ask that there be NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. If talent already has a recording contract, please make note what label they are under.

If interested in auditioning, you will need to send in an audition video.

Choose which character you’d like to audition for, and click on their name at the following link: to download the audition instructions and material. If you’d like to audition for more than one character, that is fine.

Be sure to read the instructions very carefully.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Send submissions to

PS: If you need help with audition coaching, taping, editing & uploading, please email to book your appointment ~ we can help you make your self-tape at the ACT Studio!
We have limited time slots available so please be specific about your availability! We will respond with some options to pick from.
Fees: Coaching/Directing/Reader – $60.00/hr
Filming/Editing/Uploading – $50.00 flat
Total: $110.00 + HST
$75.00 + HST if you don’t want coaching but do want a reader and camera op/editor
Please ensure that your lines are perfectly memorized and you
bring audition appropriate clothing
Location: ACT Studio, 94B Montreal Rd.
Break a leg everyone!
All the best,
Claudia 🙂

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Feature Film Starring Adam Sandler!

One of film’s biggest talents is teaming up with one of the most talented directors in Hollywood for his next sure to be hit project and an incredible casting call opportunity has been announced for this potential awards season player. Men, Women & Children starring box office king Adam Sandler alongside a fabulously talented supporting cast and directed by four time Academy Award nominated writer-director Jason Reitman will be rolling in front of cameras soon and now several aspiring performers are being sought for fantastic roles including lead roles. This is shaping up to be one of the hottest casting calls of the year and a terrific chance for actors of all ages to work alongside some of the biggest talents in film today.

Men, Women & Children will be based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by Chad Kultgen, the author of The Lie and The Average American Male. The gripping story explores the the many paths (good and bad) that the internet and social networking offers today’s society and how they in turn affect the relationships between parents and children and the modern family in general. Mr. Reitman (Juno, Up In The Air, Young Adult) will direct from a script that he adapted with Independent Spirit Award winner Erin Cressida Wilson (Secretary, Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus, Chloe) and he has enlisted very exciting cast that includes Golden Globe nominee Sandler (Grown Ups, Punch-Drunk Love, Saturday Night Live), Golden Globe winner Jennifer Garner (Alias, 13 Going on 30, The Odd Life of Timothy Green) and Rosemarie DeWitt (Mad Men, Rachel Getting Married, United States of Tara).

Casting calls for a number of outstanding roles in Men, Women & Children including a lead male role will be happening shortly and interested actors can submit themselves today. Male actors ages 17-20 can find the audition read here and send a video submission along with their contact information here We will post more casting call information here as soon as it is released so check back for updates and leave a message below and tell us why you want to audition for Men, Women & Children starring Adam Sandler.

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A Clean Slate (Short Film) UNION

Actors/Musicians Needed for Indie Comedic Short Film “A Clean Slate”

A Clean Slate (Union / ACTRA)
Agreement: ACTRA Independent Film (AIP)
Production location: Ottawa
Shooting Dates: First week of April 2014
Director: Jith Paul (Treepot Media)
Writer: Paola Della Malva
Director of Photography: Karim Ayari
Submission Deadline: 5pm, Thursday, February 6, 2014

Forward submission or questions to:

Role: (Principal)
Sandra: (mid 30s) Sandra is a party girl who was disappointed when her BFF, Gianna gave up her music career. A loyal friend, Sandra has never given up on Gianna’s talent and keeps encouraging her to overcome her pre-show panic attacks, although her methods are a bit overbearing.
Actors/Musicians We need actors who are musically inclined! If you play guitar, bass, keyboards, drums or DJ, then keep reading… *Knowledge of any other instruments is definitely a plus!

Heman (pronounced “Hey Men!”)(30 to 40) He is a tall, intimidating man who has an extensive career as a bar bouncer. Heman is fresh from a divorce and is finally living the dream by owning his own bar and starting up a house band. He appears quite stern and serious and is not one for small talk. He’s always in control, except if he’s around a beautiful woman, in which case he becomes tongue-tied and can’t string two words together. He is Oliver’s father.
Oliver (17) Calling all Hipsters! Unlike his father Heman, Oliver is animated and cheerful. He is striving for a career in music with his only obstacle being that he writes really awful music. He hasn’t seen his mother after his parents’ divorce and doesn’t want to. He has taken on the role of looking out for his father (whether his father wants that or not). He has a secret crush on the sound guy, Charlie.
Shawn(30 to 40) Shawn’s a Civil Servant and married father of seven. He desperately needs the band in order to let loose. Shawn is really comfortable in his own skin and embraces his somewhat nerdy self. When not working, chauffeuring his kids around or playing guitar, he cherishes his bi-weekly, family outings to the local comic book shop. Apart from being a raging germophobe, Shawn’s a pretty cool guy.
Rob(40-45) Rob is Shawn’s brother-in-law. He’s a mechanic by day and loves cars and motorcycles however he’ll never love them as much as he loves his wife Barb… ever. A seemingly tough guy who doesn’t take any crap, Rob is also a hopeless romantic who quotes love songs in the hopes of sounding prolific. His loyalty can lead to unpredictability though. If he feels that someone he cares about has been wronged, he’ll go from zero to sixty in a heartbeat.
Charlie (19) Charlie is a good friend of Oliver’s and the newly appointed sound guy for The Apollo Lounge. He’s a Tattoo Artist who moonlight’s a DJ & Sound Technician. He’s aware that Heman can’t stand him and doesn’t care.
Please email links, resume, headshot or self-tapes of your work to
A Clean Slate is a crowd-funded independent short comedic film being produced in Ottawa.
Check out our Kickstarter campaign.

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Project Title: Security Awareness Video

This project is non-union and all roles are PAID. Bilingualism (English, French) will be an asset.

Union: Non-Union ONLY
Area of Media: Corporate
Production Company: Parktown Studios
Director: Nick Lacelle
Producer: Richard Towns
Production City: Ottawa & surrounding areas
Audition Location: Ottawa, ON – Location: TBD
City(s) for Transmission: Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal
Deadline for Submissions: February 8th, 2014
Requirements: Email headshots and resumes to with “Security Awareness Video” in the subject line. Note that only those selected to audition will be contacted. NO phone calls.
Auditions: February 10th, 2014
Shooting Starts: Mid-late February 2014
Shooting Ends: Early March 2014


Laura – A strong, professional woman married to an ambassador. Female – Age 45-55

Robert – An Ambassador living abroad. Well spoken and well presented. Male – Age 50-60

Police Officer – Strong sense of authority, speaks with an accent (eastern European) – Male / Female – Age 35-45

Trade Officer – Well dressed, motivated businessperson. Male / Female – Age 30-45

Guest – An Asian businessman, well dressed and well spoken. Male – Age 40-55

Clerk – An African clerk working at front desk of Embassy. Male – Age 25-35

Embassy employee – A positive, motivated woman living abroad. Female – Age 30-45

Third Canadian Officer – Well dressed, motivated businessperson. Male / Female – Age 30-45

Ambassador – A strong, authoritative woman. Female – Age 50-60

Assistant – A young assistant to the ambassador. Male – Age 30-35

Doctor – A doctor working at an African hospital. Male – Age 40-50

Radio Announcer – A news-radio personality. Male / Female

Woman – A businesswoman preparing to go to work. Female – Age 30-40

Email headshots and resume to with “Security Awareness Video” in the subject line. Note that only those selected to audition will be contacted. NO phone calls.