TEEN PROFESSIONALS (13-17) – SATURDAYS 1-4 January 19-March 9

Cost: $375.00 + 13% HST= $423.75


To register for this course, please FILL IN THE FORM BELOW  and check the class you wish to attend .
Payment choices are as follows:

INTERAC email money transfer to actottawa@rogers.com

Snailmail cheques to ACT 904-1025 Grenon Ave. Ottawa, ON K2B 8S5
Credit Card Payments can be made via Paypal.* Extra charge.




The aim of this exciting course is to give the young actor a better understanding of how the industry works and to be better prepared & more confident when going to auditions.  Imagination and creativity are stressed, and the young actors are given many opportunities to become experienced working in front of a camera. Special focus will be given to:

Working in front of the camera with naturalness and confidence

Developing the young actor’s focus and ability to take direction

Learning about the film & television casting process

Preparing for the audition process and learning about the value of self-promotion

Discovering what Casting Directors and Talent Agents ‘look for’

Actors will work on various exercises, scenes and put their work into practice

Bring your organic self on camera and Create truth in the scene

Participants will be paired up with different scene partners every week or two and must be prepared to learn a variety
of new sides over the course of 8 weeks.

This course gives actors an opportunity to explore their craft, to better prepare for auditions and actual work on the set.
Participating actors are encouraged to bring sides for upcoming auditions to class.