Our Incredible World: Sharing Our Habitat


Our Incredible World: Sharing Our Habitat

Production title: Our Incredible World: Sharing Our Habitat
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Six part educational series.
Production location: Primarily in the Ottawa area, but the project will include travel throughout the Province of Ontario.
Production Company: Pinegrove Productions
Company website: pinegroveproductions.ca
Series website: incredibleworld.ca
Director: Miles Finlayson
Producer: Franziska von Rosen
Compensation: Yes
Audition Dates: Jan 28/29 with call backs Jan 30
Filming: Summer of 2017

**Note: Please send a Bio, Photo, and a few words about why you want to audition and for which character(s) you want to try out. Also include your availability on the audition dates. Please send everything to pinegrove.contact@gmail.com. Include a video link if applicable. Deadline for submission is January 21st. We will contact you by Jan 23rd with the time, date and place for your audition and will send you the script excerpts so you can prepare. For any other updates or more info check back here. For examples of our other series, visit incredibleworld.ca.**

A follow-up to our successful Woodland Caribou series, Sharing Our Habitat takes the viewer from the wilds of the boreal forest to the densely populated regions of southern Ontario. Each of the six episodes follows the adventures of our two new Incredible World Investigators as they go on assignments to root out the causes behind species becoming at-risk, and learn what they can do to help.


**All roles are open to any gender**

[CHARACTER 1 – LEAD ROLE] [AGE: 15 – 19]
As someone who lives in the heart of a large city, Character 1 is extremely excited when s/he gets the news that s/he will be exploring the natural wonders of the province as an Incredible World Investigator. An avid film buff and amateur filmmaker, Character 1 jumps on the opportunity to collect footage for their new horror film, hoping to capture some truly terrifying footage of vicious wild beasts. As s/he travels to different habitats, Character 1’s passion for cinema never dwindles, but perceptions of human interactions with species at risk deepen and ultimately change. With a strong creative mind, Character 1 finds inspiration and story ideas wherever they go and faces challenges and setbacks head on with a strong sense of optimism.

[CHARACTER 2 – LEAD ROLE] [AGE: 15 – 19]
Always up for a challenge, Character 2 is overjoyed to be selected as an Incredible World Investigator. S/he has a passion for plants and maintaining their family’s pristine suburban lawn. Character 2 is hardworking and ready to visit unfamiliar habitats throughout Ontario. Their experience as part of the team proves life altering as s/he is challenged to rethink their relationship to the wild and the place s/he calls home. Character two is logical and always ready to go the extra mile for an assignment no matter how bad the weather is.

Observant, technologically savvy, and full of wry humour, Character 3 is a smart and quirky video gamer who loves working with computers, but doesn’t care much for the outdoors. Although cynical about Character 1 and Character 2’s assignments, Character 3 agrees to help upgrade the computers at O.I.W. headquarters in exchange for a place to play video games and get away from their triplet sisters. Character 3 is always paying attention, even if s/he seems indifferent, and as a result begins to look at the work Character 1 and Character 2 are doing differently as the series progresses.

Ideal candidates for the lead roles will be able to express genuine curiosity and appreciation for the natural world and interact with on screen scientists and experts in an organic way. There will be travel involved for Characters 1 and 2 and many scenes will be filmed with experts in the field. Some locations may be remote or moderately challenging to film in. Being able to work in unpredictable outdoor environments is a must. A reasonable comfort level with hiking, camping, paddling, and other immersive outdoor activities is an asset.