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A Clean Slate (Short Film) UNION

Actors/Musicians Needed for Indie Comedic Short Film “A Clean Slate”

A Clean Slate (Union / ACTRA)
Agreement: ACTRA Independent Film (AIP)
Production location: Ottawa
Shooting Dates: First week of April 2014
Director: Jith Paul (Treepot Media)
Writer: Paola Della Malva
Director of Photography: Karim Ayari
Submission Deadline: 5pm, Thursday, February 6, 2014

Forward submission or questions to:

Role: (Principal)
Sandra: (mid 30s) Sandra is a party girl who was disappointed when her BFF, Gianna gave up her music career. A loyal friend, Sandra has never given up on Gianna’s talent and keeps encouraging her to overcome her pre-show panic attacks, although her methods are a bit overbearing.
Actors/Musicians We need actors who are musically inclined! If you play guitar, bass, keyboards, drums or DJ, then keep reading… *Knowledge of any other instruments is definitely a plus!

Heman (pronounced “Hey Men!”)(30 to 40) He is a tall, intimidating man who has an extensive career as a bar bouncer. Heman is fresh from a divorce and is finally living the dream by owning his own bar and starting up a house band. He appears quite stern and serious and is not one for small talk. He’s always in control, except if he’s around a beautiful woman, in which case he becomes tongue-tied and can’t string two words together. He is Oliver’s father.
Oliver (17) Calling all Hipsters! Unlike his father Heman, Oliver is animated and cheerful. He is striving for a career in music with his only obstacle being that he writes really awful music. He hasn’t seen his mother after his parents’ divorce and doesn’t want to. He has taken on the role of looking out for his father (whether his father wants that or not). He has a secret crush on the sound guy, Charlie.
Shawn(30 to 40) Shawn’s a Civil Servant and married father of seven. He desperately needs the band in order to let loose. Shawn is really comfortable in his own skin and embraces his somewhat nerdy self. When not working, chauffeuring his kids around or playing guitar, he cherishes his bi-weekly, family outings to the local comic book shop. Apart from being a raging germophobe, Shawn’s a pretty cool guy.
Rob(40-45) Rob is Shawn’s brother-in-law. He’s a mechanic by day and loves cars and motorcycles however he’ll never love them as much as he loves his wife Barb… ever. A seemingly tough guy who doesn’t take any crap, Rob is also a hopeless romantic who quotes love songs in the hopes of sounding prolific. His loyalty can lead to unpredictability though. If he feels that someone he cares about has been wronged, he’ll go from zero to sixty in a heartbeat.
Charlie (19) Charlie is a good friend of Oliver’s and the newly appointed sound guy for The Apollo Lounge. He’s a Tattoo Artist who moonlight’s a DJ & Sound Technician. He’s aware that Heman can’t stand him and doesn’t care.
Please email links, resume, headshot or self-tapes of your work to
A Clean Slate is a crowd-funded independent short comedic film being produced in Ottawa.
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