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Jigsaw Casting Ltd. is seeking Chevrolet Owners from
across Canada for a National Ad Campaign!

We are seeking Canadians who drive a Chevrolet Equinox, Cruze or Silverado for a TV & Online commercial! We want to feature inspirational stories with interesting people who drive a Chevrolet. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Looking for:
1) Equinox “Families” – Seeking families of all ages. You own a Chevrolet Equinox 2016, 2017 or 2018 model. We want to recreate one of your favorite past or annual family experiences within Canada.
2) Cruze “Entrepreneurs” – You own a Chevrolet Cruze 2016 or 2017 model. Seeking up and coming Canadians whose car assists them in chasing their dreams.
3) Silverado “Helpers” – You own a Chevrolet Silverado 2016 or 2017 model. You love to help others and your truck is the perfect vehicle to get you there. You participate in volunteer work or maybe you started your own charitable organization to help others in Canada.

*If selected, you will be paid approximately $1,500.00 each +

Must be available for these key dates:
Submission Deadline: July 28, 2017 by 9am.
However the earlier you apply, the better your chances!
Skype Audition: July 31 or August 1, 2017.
Shoot Dates(s): Sometime between August 17 to September 9, 2017.

Details & Submission Information
To be considered for this project, you must send all of the required information below to:

1) Your name, age and phone number.
2) A few casual photos of you and of your car. Equinox owners, please include photos of your family.
3) What is the year and model of your Chevrolet vehicle?
4) Equinox owners: tell us about your family, tell us about a past or annual experience you and your family have in Canada.
Cruze owners: tell us about your dream. How does your vehicle help you in facilitating this dream. Are you starting your own business..etc.
Silverado owners: tell us how you like to help others, how do you use your truck for this purpose?
5) Please tell us which of our shoot dates you are NOT available between August 17 to September 9 and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.
6) Please write ‘CHEVROLET’ in the subject line of your e-mail, along with your name, vehicle model and your city. (E.G. CHEVROLET – James Jackson – Equinox – Toronto)

Questions or Concerns
*If you have already submitted for this project, you do not need to resubmit your information.
*Please note that you will not be compensated for the audition.
*This is a union job. Non union members will be permitted.
*You must be a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen to participate.

60 SUMACH ST / 3RD FLOOR / TORONTO, ON M5A 3J7 / T: (416) 360 0336

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Monster Pool 3

CASTING CALL – Monster Pool 3: Untitled short horror film
DIRECTOR: Kristian Lariviere
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Saturday, July 8th 2017 by 12:00PM. Those who qualify will be asked to attend an audition scheduled for July 10th 2017 (between 4:30 PM and 8PM).
SHOOTING DATES: Must be available July 22nd & 23rd as well as August 26th and 27th in OTTAWA (One location).
WITCH: Female, Age 30+, Any Ethnicity. Must be comfortable wearing prosthetic appliances.
This character is calculating and unwavering in her belief in witchcraft.
Please send headshots, demos (if available – a definite asset) and resumés to
***Only those selected for an audition will be contacted***

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Real Estate Publicity Shoot – PAID!

Project: Real Estate Publicity

Production Company: Telescope Films / Katerine Martineau

Union: Non-Union

Shooting Location: Ottawa/Gatineau

Shoot days(s): May 26 (full day), May 27 (half day)

Transportation and accommodations not included

Fee: $350.00

Role: Male, Age 45-55, Any Ethnicity – for real estate company publicity shoot

Interested applicants, please email your current photos (head shot, body shot), measurements and contact info to – only selected candidates will be contacted – thank you!

Best wishes,

Claudia Jurt

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Our Incredible World: Sharing Our Habitat

Production title: Our Incredible World: Sharing Our Habitat
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Six part educational series.
Production location: Primarily in the Ottawa area, but the project will include travel throughout the Province of Ontario.
Production Company: Pinegrove Productions
Company website:
Series website:
Director: Miles Finlayson
Producer: Franziska von Rosen
Compensation: Yes
Audition Dates: Jan 28/29 with call backs Jan 30
Filming: Summer of 2017

**Note: Please send a Bio, Photo, and a few words about why you want to audition and for which character(s) you want to try out. Also include your availability on the audition dates. Please send everything to Include a video link if applicable. Deadline for submission is January 21st. We will contact you by Jan 23rd with the time, date and place for your audition and will send you the script excerpts so you can prepare. For any other updates or more info check back here. For examples of our other series, visit**

A follow-up to our successful Woodland Caribou series, Sharing Our Habitat takes the viewer from the wilds of the boreal forest to the densely populated regions of southern Ontario. Each of the six episodes follows the adventures of our two new Incredible World Investigators as they go on assignments to root out the causes behind species becoming at-risk, and learn what they can do to help.


**All roles are open to any gender**

[CHARACTER 1 – LEAD ROLE] [AGE: 15 – 19]
As someone who lives in the heart of a large city, Character 1 is extremely excited when s/he gets the news that s/he will be exploring the natural wonders of the province as an Incredible World Investigator. An avid film buff and amateur filmmaker, Character 1 jumps on the opportunity to collect footage for their new horror film, hoping to capture some truly terrifying footage of vicious wild beasts. As s/he travels to different habitats, Character 1’s passion for cinema never dwindles, but perceptions of human interactions with species at risk deepen and ultimately change. With a strong creative mind, Character 1 finds inspiration and story ideas wherever they go and faces challenges and setbacks head on with a strong sense of optimism.

[CHARACTER 2 – LEAD ROLE] [AGE: 15 – 19]
Always up for a challenge, Character 2 is overjoyed to be selected as an Incredible World Investigator. S/he has a passion for plants and maintaining their family’s pristine suburban lawn. Character 2 is hardworking and ready to visit unfamiliar habitats throughout Ontario. Their experience as part of the team proves life altering as s/he is challenged to rethink their relationship to the wild and the place s/he calls home. Character two is logical and always ready to go the extra mile for an assignment no matter how bad the weather is.

Observant, technologically savvy, and full of wry humour, Character 3 is a smart and quirky video gamer who loves working with computers, but doesn’t care much for the outdoors. Although cynical about Character 1 and Character 2’s assignments, Character 3 agrees to help upgrade the computers at O.I.W. headquarters in exchange for a place to play video games and get away from their triplet sisters. Character 3 is always paying attention, even if s/he seems indifferent, and as a result begins to look at the work Character 1 and Character 2 are doing differently as the series progresses.

Ideal candidates for the lead roles will be able to express genuine curiosity and appreciation for the natural world and interact with on screen scientists and experts in an organic way. There will be travel involved for Characters 1 and 2 and many scenes will be filmed with experts in the field. Some locations may be remote or moderately challenging to film in. Being able to work in unpredictable outdoor environments is a must. A reasonable comfort level with hiking, camping, paddling, and other immersive outdoor activities is an asset.

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This course is inspired in part by the amazing master classes offered by award winning playwright, Judith Thompson and mostly because every time I see all the amazing talent in the ‘incubator’ of the acting studio, I just want to see it put out into the world, on stage, on screen, on paper.

The goal for participants is to collaborate and create a medley of work.
Each participant will be writing, publicly reading their own work, publicly reading the work of others, improvising, writing some more, casting, directing, getting cast, developing fictional characters and stories by digging into their own true stories and personal experiences.

Creating with impulse and instinct – without thinking and planning.

No ideas are required in advance for this course. However, if any writing or ideas are already in the works,
participants are encouraged to bring them in. We will look at everything.

Through a series of exercises that we’ve been developing in studio, some that we worked on in previous classes, with a few new ones thrown into the mix, each participant will discover the sound of his/her voice and begin developing a unique story.

We will start with lots and lots of ideas and then narrow down to one. Essentially, each participant focuses in
on one particular story through the process of exploration, trial and error, failing, writing, listening, rewriting, etc. The way in which the stories are told will unfold through the experimentation.

There are no limits. You may end up with a feature film, tv pilot, mini-series, web series, short film, play, song, novel, poetry, etc. The thing will reveal itself with time and practice.

Work in a safe, judgment free environment. It’s nothing short of a grand time.

“Acting is writing, writing is acting.” Judith Thompson

Having experienced it myself, I sincerely believe the above statement. Both my writing and acting have gone to a deeper place because I understand now that they are not separate compartments but one in the same.

Participants range from absolute beginners to those who have already dabbled or more in writing, but are feeling the dreaded writer’s block. Regardless of your goals, this course is guaranteed to open up your talent and creativity. When we create, we are the happiest. Whether you’re an actor, artist, writer, musician, chef de cuisine, artist in hiding, etc. – this course will allow your spirit to dance!

Each participant will leave this course with a body of written work, ranging from monologues to short stories, to short screenplays and/or to the start of a novel or feature screenplay.

I’m so excited to have you all join me on this mission to create in 2017!

Sincerest wishes,

Claudia Jurt

DATE: SATURDAYS: 21.01./28.01./4.02./11.2.2017

TIME: 9:00-13:00

COST: 450CHF – PAYMENT IN FULL or a DEPOSIT of $150 is due ASAP to reserve your spot (balance is due before 21.01.2017) **course handouts are included in the fee**


REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS: Laptop/Ipad with Word and/or if you prefer, a journal and pen!

LANGUAGE OF COURSE: ENGLISH, however, the instructor is fluent in Swiss-German, German, Conversational French – students may write in any language they wish.

Optional Recommended Screenwriting Software: Final Draft or CELTX

Payments can be made to:

Claudia Jurt
Raiffeisen am Bichelsee,
IBAN #: CH39 8137 8000 0045 5958 4
PC-Konto 85-532-6
Sollten Sie eine Postschalterzahlung vornehmen – bitte Fr. 1.50 Spesen dazu zahlen, und senden Sie dann ein Mail da die Bank meist keine Zuweisung machen kann.



Claudia Jurt is the owner and senior instructor of A.C.T. (Acting for Cinema & Television), a professional acting school that was founded in August 2001 in Canada.

She is a member of both English Canadian actor unions: ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema Television & Radio Artists) and CAEA (Canadian Actors Equity Association).

She has worked on close to 70 productions in film, television, commercials and theatre, as an actor, producer, director, writer or casting director.

Claudia continues to work in various aspects of film and television, not only as acting and writing coach, but as director, writer, producer and actor and previously as talent agent and casting director (Ottawa Casting, Ottawa’s first official casting company).

Some of Claudia’s film credits include, Little Death, Dedspell, Clown (PETER STORMARE), Find Me, House at the End of the Street (JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ELISABETH SHUE), Metal Tornado, The Righteous Tithe, Une Vie Meilleure/A Better Life (GUILLAUME CANET), The Maiden Danced to Death, Dark Places, The Wild Hunt, My Family’s Secret, Like Mother, Like Daughter (MICHELLE STAFFORD), Maid of Honor, etc. Some of her television credits are Strangers in My Home: Thorny Rose of Texas, Reign, The Actor Who Could Not Cry, The Best Laid Plans, The Cold War Series, Hockey: A People’s History and Naked Josh.

Claudia trained as an actor and teacher with Michèle Lonsdale Smith of Lonsdale Smith Studios for over 13 years in cities all over the world, including, L.A., New York, London, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Kingston/Montego Bay (Jamaica) and Ottawa. A few years ago, She had the honor of working on Fat Pig by Neil LaBute with Michèle at the helm, as director.

She proudly attributes her growth and success to Michèle, her longtime friend and mentor, and is thrilled to be collaborating and teaching under the umbrella of Lonsdale Smith Studios. Under Michèle’s mentorship, Claudia directed Mrs. Dally Has a Lover, a successful stage production the ACT Studio and most recently, the short film, The Woman Outside. (written & directed by Claudia Jurt and produced with the talented actors from Lonsdale Smith Studios)

Claudia is currently developing two feature screenplays, EDITH (a psychological horror thriller) and VERBOTEN (drama).

“… special mention must be made of Claudia Jurt, whose character is the strongest link in this chain-mail tale. She plays Tamara, referee and conduit between worlds. Dressed in tunic and corset, but with a walkie-talkie clipped to her hip, she is the window through which we can view the increasingly bizarre drama that plays out in the wilderness, and a sane point of reference, lest we be pulled into its madness.”

Chris Knight, THE NATIONAL POST (Review of ‘The Wild Hunt’)

COURSE LOCATION: Kernstrasse 25, 8004 Zürich

The instructor reserves the right to adjust the course location, within the city of Zürich, if necessary.

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Pour une publicité pour Brault et Martineau nous cherchons des jumeaux identiques entre 14 et 16 ans.

Audition: le 14 décembre à Montréal
Tournage: le 12 janvier à Blainville
Rémunération: Selon l’UDA
Ce sont des rôles muets.
Dans le script les jumeaux (garçons) préparent une pizza maison.

Intéressé à passer l’audition, svp nous contacter en envoyant une photo des jumeaux à :

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Looking for Male, 15 to 18 year olds, open ethnicity for commercial campaign. Playing a high school student..Slightly awkward, vulnerable, Michael Cera inspired type with an air of innocence about him. Auditioning end of this week and early next week.
Pays approximately $1,000.00 if selected.
Must be available for the following dates:
Call backs: Dec 13th & 14th
Wardrobe / fitting: Jan 6th
Shooting starts Jan 7th & 8th
Please send pic, along with name, age and contact phone #’s to
Write “PROJECT HIGH SCHOOL” in the subject line.
*If represented, please include agents name and contact info.

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SEEKING: FIT, AFRICAN AMERICAN MEN & WOMEN, MID 20’s TO 30’s – ACTRA & ACTRA APPRENTICE (non-union can submit also, but must fit be fit runners) – please SELF-TAPE – introduce yourself to camera, talk about running and then add footage of yourself jogging or running – MUST BE AVAILABLE for SHOOT DATE: WEDNESDAY, MAY 11 – LOCATION: MAJOR HILLS PARK – **must be from Ottawa** – PAYS ACTRA SCALE – REGIONAL – deadline to submit: FRIDAY, MAY 6 (end of day)


I’d say ‘break a leg’ but have a feeling, that’s not appropriate in this case!


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Cinnamon Toast (Ottawa based Advertising Agency) is searching for actors/models to participate in a full day photo/video shoot for a local Summer print and digital campaign.

We are looking for the following roles and would appreciate head shots in preparation for a short audition. Very short meet and greets will be held the week of March 14th. If you are interested, please contact

“The Bachelor”

Age: 23-28

Gender: Make

Ethnicity: All

“The Single Mom”

Age: 24-28

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: All

“The Newly Weds”

Age: 28-34

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: All

Age: 28-34

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: All

“The Independent Woman”

Age: 5-29

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: All

“The Downsizers”

Age: 50-60

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: All

Age: 50-60

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: All

* $350-$450 for a full day – NON-UNION
* Looking to audition the week of the 14th
* Shoot will take place end of March (dates not 100% confirmed)
The commercial will be featured in Cineplex and Youtube for a large rental community.
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The Accent Intensive with Kate Hurman

This intensive is great if you don’t wish to find yourself scrambling to get an accent ‘intact’ for an audition you have the following day! Get yourself prepared now so that you’ll be ready, with your accent/dialect dropped in so much
so that casting will believe you are actually from that place.

You may understand the character’s background, and how they move through their world,
but if your accent is off, so is the performance. Using established techniques in a unique fashion
this weekend intensive will allow actors, and students of acting to develop a clear understanding
of the steps involved in accent acquisition.

Accent is not a question of simply copying sound but rather of developing an understanding of shape and culture. Addressing issues of vocal drift, placement, rhythm and pace, the workshop participants will be actively engaged in identifying their own accent of origin, along with a focus on RP (Received Pronunciation or Upper Class British), a working class British accent, Standard General Australian, and Standard General American.

“I’ve worked with Kate on both a Newfoundland and an Aboriginal dialect. In just a few hours, I felt transformed. People even told me I looked different. The taking on of a character is an amazing process and Kate knows how to move it along swiftly – it’s truly incredible. A few days post-coaching, I found the accent slipping out in my regular conversation, even when I wasn’t ‘working’ on it. Love, love, love working with Kate! That is all.”  Claudia Jurt

About Kate Hurman

A graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada and Queen’s University, Kate has worked
extensively across Canada in theatre, radio, television and film as an actor, a director, a voice artist,
a dramaturge and a writer for the past thirty years.

Kate has worked as an accent and dialect coach on multiple stage productions at the National Arts Centre, the University of Ottawa, and OSSD among others, on film sets for principle actors and for private clients. Kate’s voice can be heard on several cartoon series and many national commercial campaigns. Kate is also an arts educator working as a guest lecturer, a workshop facilitator, and a resident Artist in Elementary Schools and High Schools and as a Professor of Acting at the University of Ottawa, and the resident Voice, Speech and Classical Theatre Professor at St. Lawrence College.

Her company MakeWork Theatre works to develop new works for the stage and learning opportunities through the arts for all ages.

Dates/Times: Friday, December 11, 5:30pm-10:00pm & Saturday, December 12, 10:30am-5:30pm

Location: Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave., CAO Boardroom

Cost: $225.00

Early Bird Rate: $200.00 (pay in full by Nov. 26)

To apply, please email your name, contact info, photo & resume (if you have one) & interac e-transfer to